Someone the President Knows & Trusts

Vote June 12th for James Epley for Congress

South Carolina – 4th District

Being your Congressman from South Carolina is about reflecting your values  and acting in your best interests. As your representative, it will never be about me.  It will be about you… and being your voice in Washington.

~ James Epley


I believe that being a Representative of the people is a role of public service and a sacred trust- not a career.



YOUR VOICE can create opportunities for families to obtain affordable healthcare, high-paying jobs, and quality education. YOUR VOICE can leave our children a country that is better tomorrow than it is today.


YOUR VOICE can speak for the unborn and defend the sanctity of life. YOUR VOICE can protect our religious liberties from the liberal assault on our Constitution. YOUR VOICE can promote the restoration of God in our classrooms and teach the next generation the power of faith.


YOUR VOICE can secure our borders, fix our broken immigration system, enforce existing laws and take care of our Veterans. YOUR VOICE can ensure no one will take away our right to bear arms, our land, our liberty, our jobs, or our security. And YOUR VOICE can protect these rights for future generations.

“As the Director of every Trump event in South Carolina, I learned that it is the power of the people, WE the People,  still control our destiny. We have the power to choose public servants who represent the people…not career politicians”

~ James Epley


James Epley for Congress
South Carolina 4th District

P.O. Box 17707
Greenville, SC 29606